Effortlessly raise money for a worthy cause by directing a portion of your website's advertising revenue to a charity of your choice

Why Adtruism?

Data shows that adding a philanthropic aspect to ads on your website:

A. Increases user engagement with all ads on your site (increasing revenues)

B. Improves visitor loyalty

C. Increases user experience (as polled by users)

Its simple, socially responsible and tax deductible so Get Started now.

Why Adsense?

We started the Adtruism platform in response to the gap left by the Adsense terms of use; which prevented website owners from explicitly donating their ad-revenue to charity. Given our 100% pledge it made little to no sense for us to continue running a costly system to channel ad-revenue to charities now that the market-leading platform offers website owners the same option with more features and analytics.

Get Google Adsense

Thank You All

We'd like to offer our most sincere thank you to our supporters throughout the Adtruism journey. We received some incredible help and support from all our partners but special thanks to our funders at Social Entrepreneurs Ireland and the Healy Foundation who made the Adtruism journey possible.