3. Donate a fixed percentage to the charity you've chosen

1. Choose any charity you want to support.

Data shows that adding a philanthropic aspect to ads on your website:


A. Increases user engagement with all ads on your site (increasing revenues)

B. Improves visitor loyalty

C. Increases user experience (as polled by users)


Its simple, socially responsible and tax deductible so Get Started now.

2. Place Adsense on your website or blog.

Adtruism was built and run for free by a group of nerds in Dublin, Ireland. The platform has now been replaced by a self-service guide with special thanks to Google, SEI, and the Healy Foundation. For more information on the old system please email info@adtruism.com

*Data collected from OpenX, DFP, Adsense and AdX Seller accounts across various domains. User data obtained through an online poll of Irish Times readers.